We had a great time creating personal works of art at our last meeting!

A huge thank you to Kate Wolfe-Jenson, artist, blogger on the subject of living with chronic illness, and author of Dancing With Monsters, who led us in a Creative Experiment using markers, pastels, colored pencils, and drawing paper.

There were helpful rules, such as:

  • There is no wrong.
  • Use the materials and spaces of your choice…
  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Have fun.

Each of us were given three sheets of drawing paper, and chose a few colors to work with. Our first assignment was to play with our chosen colors, experimenting with different pressures and angles to see what kinds of marks we could make. Different emotions or sensations may be expressed as different strokes or pressures on the paper. Here are some of the results:

random marksrandom1random10






Now that we knew what kinds of marks we could make, it was time to move on to the real experiment.

At this time, Kate invited us to get comfortable, close our eyes, and listen to a guided meditation.

Remember a time when you felt surrounded by the sacred…

We were to recall, in detail, how we felt emotionally or in our bodies, what we saw, heard, smelled. Then she asked us to open our eyes and, using our colored markers, pastels, and pencils, make marks on the paper to represent those feelings and sensations. Here are the results.

sacred1sacred spacesacred2







You may notice that there are some similarities in the images, such as a lot of curving lines or circular design.

The pictures (and most of them are photos, not scanned images, due to scanner trouble) do not do the pieces justice, but they do give you an idea of the finished work. You can click each image for a larger view.

Our final assignment, with the third sheet of paper, involved remembering a time when we felt fully supported.

And if some of you are thinking that there has been no such time in your own life, it was okay to imagine what that would be like.

Then it was time to put those feelings onto paper, using color, stroke style, and pressure to signify different things.

feeling supportedsupportedsupported1supported2






At the end, we each talked a bit about our pictures. Common themes emerged, of feeling grounded, supported, surrounded by love, and feeling connected.

After the Creative Experiment, we spent a few minutes discussing the mission statement of Journey of Hope. Kate suggested that we would find a lot of content for that mission statement in our drawings.

Creating a space in which all feel surrounded by the sacred, while being fully supported by the people around us, certainly is central to what we want to do through Journey of Hope!

Thanks again, Kate, for leading us through the experiments, and teaching us skills in emotional awareness and expression through drawing and coloring.


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